giovedì 11 ottobre 2012

Free Fax sending (ITA)

Hi, I think this can find interest only in Italian people but I found this very nice and helpful, so I can't tell You ;-)

Sincerely... How many times (also only few times, but it becomes necessary) have You needed to send a Fax but You doesn't own it... so call friends or go out paying for it... NOW STOP! :-D
This wonderful site offers FOR FREE a very helpful service so You can do It fast easily from your place and your Pc, only requires a valid mobile phone number & mail adress and only an initial sms (one time forever)!

Paying You can also receive Fax and do more...
Thinking this can interest You, sincerely, BYE BYE ;-)

venerdì 21 settembre 2012

Gentoo how to allow kde root login

Hi Guys, today, rebooting, I was in trouble to login in my Gentoo system as root after, last time, a change to config files due to emerging some packages... in any way if You have problems with the graphical login window logging (KDE) as root, I hope this can be helpful solving it:

nano /usr/share/config/kdm/kdmrc

(or find the file 'kdmrc' in your system)

You can use Your preferred editor, in this case I used "nano", to open the "kdmrc" file looking at the path as shown above, so under "[X-*-Core]"
You must find "AllowRootLogin=false" so change it with "AllowRootLogin=true" and save.
Now if this was the problem then You've solved it, just reboot ;-)

giovedì 12 luglio 2012

Connection is Untrusted - Invalid Security Certificate - Expired - Facebook,Google... Https

Today seems that something's doesn't want run in Secure Connection via Https in many Sites... like , &
This happens with Mozilla Firefox that analyze those conditions...
Or It's a fake message?
Anyway the Cetificate seems to be expired...
Anyone can tell Us about this? ;) uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate will not be valid until 21/06/2012 02:00. The current time is 12/03/2012 09:50.

(Error code: sec_error_expired_certificate) uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate will not be valid until 27/06/2012 15:58. The current time is 12/03/2012 09:14.

(Error code: sec_error_expired_certificate) uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate will not be valid until 27/06/2012 16:03. The current time is 12/03/2012 09:36.

(Error code: sec_error_expired_certificate)

Thanks :)

martedì 10 luglio 2012

Google Drive & attachment Gmail - code, script & app

Here a free script and Its free source code, to save easily our Gmail mail attachments into Google Drive.
I think It's very useful!
I put You also the link to the site that explain How to use It.

This Google Apps Script will automatically save Gmail attachments to Google Drive.
If later It was no longer available ;) :

function sendToGDrive() {    

 var sheet   = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();

// Find the Gmail Label and Google Drive Folder

 var gLabel  = sheet.getRange("D4:D4").getValues();
 var gFolder = sheet.getRange("D5:D5").getValues();

// Search for any news messages with the Google Drive Label
 var threads ="label:" + gLabel);
 var folder  = DocsList.getFolder(gFolder);
 for (var x=0; x<threads.length; x++) {    
  var messages = threads[x].getMessages();    
  for (var y=0; y<messages.length; y++) {      
   var att = messages[y].getAttachments();      
   for (var z=0; z<att.length; z++) {
    try {
     // Copy the Gmail attachment to Google Drive
     var file = folder.createFile(att[z]);
     // Wait for a minute to prevent timeout errors
    catch (e) {
       "Error: " + messages[z].getSubject(), e.message);
 // Message Processed; Remove the Google Drive Label

// Initialize the Google Apps Script
function configure() {
 var sheet   = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();
 var gLabel  = sheet.getRange("D4:D4").getValues();
 var gFolder = sheet.getRange("D5:D5").getValues();
 if (!GmailApp.getUserLabelByName(gLabel)) {
 var folders = DocsList.getAllFolders();
 var found = false;
 for (var i=0; i<folders.length; i++) {
   if (folders[i].getName() == gFolder) {
    found = true;
 if (!found) {

 // Set a Time-driven trigger for every 5 minutes
 if (ScriptApp.getScriptTriggers().length == 0) {
  .toast("That's it. Google Docs will monitor your mailbox in the background.",
         "Close Window", -1);

// Create the Gmail menu in Google sheet
function onOpen() {  
 var menu = [    
  {name: "Initialize", functionName: "configure"},
  {name: "Run", functionName: "configure"}

               .addMenu("Gmail (Click here)", menu);

giovedì 5 luglio 2012

News & Fun

I think most of Us like this :

In few words this is the

Source Code

of one of the best old games!!!

mercoledì 4 luglio 2012

Internet Site Info - Numeric address

Many times, for many reasons, We need to discover the "numeric address" of a specified site, so you can surf in the Web looking for sites that do this for You (and many times they offer many additional information) or just type in the command line this (command):

       nslookup "sitename"

For example:


You will obtain something like this:

Server:        xxxxxxxxxxx
Address:     xxxxxxxxxxx

Non-authoritative answer:    canonical name =

I think It works both Win & Linux! :)

lunedì 2 aprile 2012

Mobile - Android Phone HTC - Sms center - Solved

Due to lost sms incoming... my mobile company tells me to verify the Sms center number... but where is this option?
In Menu I can't found! I don't know if it works with all Android Phone or only some HTC Phone, but this is the trick:

digit in dialer


Then appears something like a Menu, choose:

> info
> digit your Sms Center number
> update

I hope this can be helpful... ;)

domenica 1 aprile 2012

Let's start

As the first things to do, I'd like to suggest You to realize that nothing happens if You only wait it... You must try! And don't worry!
But above all continue to pursue the dream!
It seems to be obvious but too many people really hide this...
This is not the right spirit! ;)
We are ALL able!

About Me

This Blog wants help You ALL solving some of everyday home noises, problems in hobby works and not for last some about the big world of Computer hw & sw, Web, languages... and more!
Without any presumption except try to make You Happy!
Thanks, from Italy (excuse my english) with passion, let's start!