lunedì 2 aprile 2012

Mobile - Android Phone HTC - Sms center - Solved

Due to lost sms incoming... my mobile company tells me to verify the Sms center number... but where is this option?
In Menu I can't found! I don't know if it works with all Android Phone or only some HTC Phone, but this is the trick:

digit in dialer


Then appears something like a Menu, choose:

> info
> digit your Sms Center number
> update

I hope this can be helpful... ;)

domenica 1 aprile 2012

Let's start

As the first things to do, I'd like to suggest You to realize that nothing happens if You only wait it... You must try! And don't worry!
But above all continue to pursue the dream!
It seems to be obvious but too many people really hide this...
This is not the right spirit! ;)
We are ALL able!

About Me

This Blog wants help You ALL solving some of everyday home noises, problems in hobby works and not for last some about the big world of Computer hw & sw, Web, languages... and more!
Without any presumption except try to make You Happy!
Thanks, from Italy (excuse my english) with passion, let's start!