giovedì 8 maggio 2014

Gmail addresses

Just I thing that I discovered and I think that could be interesting..In a Gmail address the DOTS are not important!
Gmail doesn't recognize dots as characters within usernames!
So.. =

And also capitalization.. = =

Thunderbird only downloads few Mails at a time - Gmail - Pop connection emails

Hi Guys!
I'm Back! ;-)
Today I'll decided to take few time to speak about a problem probably really common but maybe not so clear..
I myself had to fight to solve..
This Link I think that could solve most of all problems! But for a local permanent and short guide (..or breaking the link..) I decided to post below the most important things, so this excerpt :

First, backup your Profile ( )

Create a new sub-folder under Local Folders. Move all of the messages currently in your Inbox to that new subfolder.

Confirm that you have made the recommended backup of your Profile.

Close Thunderbird and navigate to your Profile folder. Delete both the file Inbox.msf and the file Inbox with no extension.

Restart Thunderbird and you should find a new, empty Inbox folder in place. Copy any messages you MUST have in your Inbox from the sub-folder created above to the Inbox. Compact the Inbox after those messages are copied in.

The "Real Fix" entry in this article -- also describes this process.

I hope this could be useful!!! Bye bye :-)

( )