giovedì 18 maggio 2017

Renault - Medianav - Media Nav - Clio IV - Contacts Rubrica Bip Suono

Hi All!
I'm back with Two life Hacks I hope You can find useful..

If You have trouble with Your
Renault Media Nav system
and so You Ear a noisy bip when driving but all seems to be turned off.. Yeah It's that You must cancel the (last) route in the Navi and better turn off (mute) also the speed limit advertisement!
So now You have all works fine. 👍😎

Another noisy thing is about the Bluetooth phone call system..
Many contacts appears as saved but many not (only the numbers) and probably the first attention goes to sim storage VS internal phone memory storage.. but it's not this the Reason..
The Reason is the You see with name in the Bluetooth system ONLY the contacts saved in phone (everywhere) with your local suffix (for Italy +39).


Contact in Phone (sim or internal memory)
*Rudy *333 123 4567 (NOT visualized in Media Nav, visualized only as numbers)

Rudy *+39 333 123 4567 (VISUALIZED in Media Nav as "Rudy")

I don't know what models and firmware are affected but I see many people have those trouble so I decided to make this little post ✌

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