martedì 6 giugno 2017

Xbox 360 Kinect Photo Upload Cloud Kinectshare.con Fake

Hi All!
Today I must tell something about & Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Photo by Games like Kinect Adventure..
If You are going CRAZY 'couse the consolle & the game let you Upload you shootz/photo/video in the custom cloud Kinect (giving a successful upload confirmation!) but then You found NOTHING logging in , also if ALL seems to work perfectly!, the reason is..
Because (cit. Microsoft Official !!! 06-2017) even if ALL works fine.. and no alert or error or message appears.. nether in consolle/game nether in the site ... is Now revealed that the site is no longer supported since 2011 and so...


Have a good nice day 😉👍😎🏝

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